Gimme Shelter

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Some Girls / Live in TEXAS '78

Rough, tough and so Crazy!
I was so excited to watch this live video.

Straight Rock'n Roll is here!

  1.Let It Rock
  2.All Down The Line
  3.Honky Tonk Women
  5.When The Whip Comes Down
  6.Beast Of Burden
  7.Miss You
11.Far Away Eyes
12.Love In Vain
13.Tumbling Dice
15.Sweet Little 16
16.Brown Sugar
17.Jumpin' Jack Flash


Run Stones Run 009

TIME IS ON MY SIDE (Still Life): This is one of the best performances by Woody. He's a quite decorator with the guitar. His magic or art causes Stones the balance of sounds. I guess his jobs with Jeff Beck or Faces were also good, so he has been around. However he is going well with Stones more than anyone else, I am sure.


Run Stones Run 008

You Got Me Rockin' (VooDoo Lounge); This is a rare track among their albums. Because it is played like live at studio without fading out! Stones really have a lot of tracks with fading out. I don't care that. Especially what I want to tell is how to finish like this song! That's really cool!!


Run Stones Run 007

Walking the Dog (The Rolling Stones, the first album); In the early 60's, Suddenly Blues came to the UK from the US. That was a great culture shock to us, therefore  plenty of  feelings and imagination overflowed into many of young musician like us, Keith told us that story before. Stones has played plenty of Blues since then, and most of them was great imitation. Because they added  their emotion to those Blues songs. By the way, Aerosmith also played this song as the final track at their first album. That was great imitation,too.


Run Stones Run 006

Brown Sugar(Sticky Fingers); This must be the most famous title. But now one thing I tell you is about Bobby. How many times has he played the same solo part by his sax? He has precious proud! That's great! Bobby is the seventh Stones, isn't he? (Because the sixth member is STU...)

Run Stones Run 005

Flight 505(Aftermath); 'satisfaction' appears at intro of this song.