Don Quixote Complex

Which do you think is better;
Little Richard or The Beatles about ''Lucille''?
Bob Dylan or Stones about ''Like a rolling stone''?
David Bowie or Cream about ''I feel free''?
Robert Johnson or Stones about ''Stop breaking down'' and ''Love in vain''?
The who or Stones about ''The last time''?
C.C.R or Stones about ''Susie Q''?
Bob Dylan or PJ Harvey about ''Highway 61 revisited''?
Muddy Waters or Stones about ''Mannish Boy''?
The Kinks or Van Halen about ''You really got me''?
.......I think red colors are better. Do you?


Must be love......it's a Bitch!

Keith is cmpletely straight!
Please click on the title,and you'll listen to the aggressive live sound,I'm sure.
''Bitch'' played at Philadelphia '72
It'll kick you!!


It Won't be long

For the first time I posted a picture movie to 'YouTube' . My work was far from masters' of posting in the world, but it was very fun for me. Please click on this title if you're interested in it. I hope you'll like it.
''It Won't be long'' by Rolling Stones
This song is one of another recordings in connection with ''Tattoo You''.